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Comprehensive Support

Comprehensive SupportSoftRoots provides comprehensive support in the areas of consulting, application design and development, database support, networks, system integration, desktop and helpdesk support, project management, staffing and outsourcing. Our support services are designed specifically to meet the unique business and technical needs of our customers. In addition, we provide various comprehensive maintenance support plans that can be designed to accommodate your specific IT business needs.

SoftRoots consultants and engineers are highly trained and experienced in performing services such as system requirements and design, web-based applications development, COTS evaluation-implementation-integration, and independent validation and verification. We provide reliable and adaptive technology solutions for your enterprise and critical applications that maximize return on your investments. Through these services, SoftRoots helps clients improve performance, lower operating cost, increase productivity, and more importantly, improve the customer experience.

To succeed in the face of today's business challenges, we continually develop our people, refine our systems and upgrade our service standards. We value and respect the relationships established with our clients. We are committed to our clients success and always place their interests first.

Customer Support

Customer Support is at the TOP of our commitment in providing our Customers with Quality Services and Products from SoftRoots. Business competition, combined with new technologies, have increased demands on software development projects and integration processes, and have contributed to the critical importance of Customer Support for specialized training and services activities.

SoftRoots has committed to a Continued Enrichment Program (CEP) to help address the changing needs of the Software Industry. It is vital that our support staff have the necessary training, support, and certifications that help enable them for high quality performance, effectively tackling today’s challenges for our Customers. We take this support seriously. The knowledge and experience associated with each of our staff candidates are closely reviewed and matched with our Customer’s needs prior to placement. Weaknesses are addressed through the CEP, which is tailored for an individual’s specific needs.

SoftRoots takes pride, and has a similar level of concern, for the Quality and Support that are associated with any of our deliverables. Whether it involves our consulting services, technical expertise, software development, system integration, or other services and/or products from SoftRoots, metrics associated with the Quality, Performance, and Support received are tracked and reviewed for continued improvements. The ‘Customer’s voice’ is crucial for our continued improvement, and can be a powerful means to further support the Company’s goals.

Please submit your feedback regarding our services and/or products, as well as your suggestions for improvements to, or simply drop us a line at (623) 516-7900, and we will be happy to gather your feedback from you. Your efforts in doing so are well-appreciated by all on our Support Team.

Thank You,

SoftRoots Support Team