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Innovative Solutions

Supporting Government

Our skilled teams of consultants and engineers have been providing IT solutions to the Federal government that have included database design, software development, SCADA support, and IT support services. SoftRoots utilizes leading, proven technologies, which are designed to address specific IT related challenges that bring about successful winning solutions for our Customers. Some of our specialized government solutions have included:

  • Application and data security
  • Application design/development
  • Billing management systems
  • Content management
  • Contract management systems
  • Document imaging/workflow
  • Database design and support
  • Database administration
  • Engineering solutions
  • IT consulting services
  • Operational systems support
  • Project management/resources
  • Real-time SCADA solutions
  • Documentation management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Management reporting systems
  • Energy reservation systems
  • Web-based applications/portals
Software Development

Software DevelopmentWhen the solution calls for a software development effort, our technical teams have acquired the knowledge and expertise to tackle the most challenging projects. Large or small, our teams can work on or off-site to construct software systems that meet your business requirements and specifications. Furthermore, our teams work in harmony with your IT staff to successfully transition development knowledge as needed.

Software development is often needed to build integrated application frameworks, where databases play a vital role of support. SoftRoots understands the scope of a development effort, as well as the potential future use of a system, which are crucial factors for success. In addition, the technical expertise that SoftRoots brings to the table is also needed to effectively model, architect, and develop robust and practical solutions. SoftRoots can also provide the necessary technical expertise to ensure that a successful software solution is provided to our customers. Some of the available software services include:

  • LAN and Web-based applications
  • Database-driven applications
  • Application and data security
  • Support for real-time applications
  • Internet software agents
  • Conversions and legacy support
  • Support and integration with all OS platforms
  • Supporting key industry technologies
  • Integration and custom development
  • Requirements and documentation
  • All major databases and languages
  • Standards-based compliance
Technical Support

Many times the solution to our customer's IT concerns or problems involve the proper maintenance and support of their IT investment. Our technical teams have been providing various maintenance solutions, services, and support for businesses in a variety of industries, helping them to realize the resources they have available at their fingertips.

In addition to technical resources available through SoftRoots, local IT outsourcing of various tasks can also provide a business with many advantages, which makes it both practical and cost-effective for consideration in today's competitive world. Some reasons for a business to seriously consider outsourcing include:

  • Qualified technical resources
  • Reduction operating costs
  • Maintain IT investment
  • Reassess business focus
  • Unavailable internal resources
  • Ineffective project management
  • Redirection of internal resources
  • Expand service capabilities
  • Shared risks for project or task

Regardless, of the size of your business, a reliable local outsourcing vendor can help your business to achieve its IT goals and objectives. The success and effectiveness of your business operations depend upon the IT strategies that are implemented. With this being the case, learn how SoftRoots solutions, services, and support can help to enable your business with winning solutions.

See how SoftRoots can provide your business with the software solutions and/or technical resources needed to meet your business goals, by contacting a SoftRoots Representative.