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The SoftRoots Company

SoftRoots is a Phoenix-based small business concern specializing in providing state-of-the-art technical support services to government, state, and private industry in Information Technology (IT). SoftRoots develops and implements software strategies and solutions supporting multiple industries with their associated technologies, platforms, and frameworks. Our consultants are highly experienced professionals who combine their problem solving experience with hands-on skills to deliver innovative solutions that can support overall goals, objectives, and functionality.

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Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the key to success!

SoftRoots was founded by visionaries who recognized that small and medium sized businesses including Government agencies needed reliable and professional software-related services and support, where the success indicator would be customer satisfaction. Since that time, we have continued to grow in supporting the IT development initiatives and technical needs of our clients, with customer satisfaction as our primary goal.

SoftRoots Support TeamsOur teams have been providing IT services and support to businesses and Government agencies for many years now, with an emphasis on providing comprehensive services that meet the IT needs of our customers. Our Services Division specializes in Oracle implementations, upgrades, and conversions, including remote/on-site database management, system administration, application development, and integration.

We value our employees and believe that our clients are best served by technically competent and professionally experienced consultants. Our comprehensive benefit package, and our commitment to training and professional development enables our consultants to remain current in the ever changing IT arena.

Our proven methodology enables us to deliver what we promise to our clients, which includes consulting services, providing professional and technical services, development, ongoing maintenance, strategic planning, remote monitoring, outsourcing, and 24 x 7 help desk support to meet the demanding needs of our customers. By maintaining a "customer first" philosophy, we continue to build positive relationships with all our clients.

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Company Teaming

SoftRoots has actively been involved with the DOE for more than 10 years in support of technology initiatives for wholesale power administration operations. One of the initiatives we were directly responsible for was the design and development of one of the first successful OASIS Nodes in the US to support deregulation of the wholesale power industry. Since then, we have been involved in many technology initiatives to facilitate and help streamline backend processes for wholesale power operations.

SoftRoots is now focused of providing technical strategies and solutions to further support the changing power industry. In this regard, SoftRoots has teamed with a spin-off company, PowerRoots LLC, to focus of the IT challenges facing today's Power Industry, and in particular providing technology solutions to support the Smart Grid initiative. As such, the SoftRoots corporation continues a technology focus in areas in which it has acquired years of understanding and technical expertise.

Our Consulting Partners

Successful business is about successful relationships. At SoftRoots, we work with technology leaders in the industry to ensure successful solutions for our customers. Working in partnership with SoftRoots, gives organizations flexible, seamless access to skills and knowledge. Our approach provides businesses with successful solutions that exceed expectations, ensure security concerns are addressed properly, and supports a scalable IT infrastructure for the growth of your business.

Some of Our Technology Partners

Our technology partners include hardware, peripheral and operating system environment vendors. They ensure software and hardware compatibility, as well as the highest level of support and performance for your business needs.

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