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Technical Training

Technical TrainingOnsite training is a convenient and cost-effective alternative for your employees to receive training without costly travel expenses or loss of time in the office. On-site training is exclusively for your company and can be customized to suit the needs of your particular development efforts. If you have a group in need of training or user assistance, we can develop a technical training plan that achieves your business goals and cost-effectively meets the needs of your team, at your location, on your schedule and only for your employees.

SoftRoots can provide expert instructors to your facility to train your staff in the setting that is most convenient and familiar. Training as a group helps you make the most of your technologies and your team. Everybody increases their abilities, questions stay focused, and you can address issues that are specific to your own business needs.

Students benefit from onsite training because:
  • Courses are designed around both individual and department schedules and can be delivered in a specific format that meets your needs.
  • Every student receives the same learning experience.
  • Employees are trained using supported technologies, and real scenarios with the objective to ensure the success of your project.
Companies benefit from onsite training because:
  • Productivity is controlled with adjustable course scheduling.
  • Focused training on your specific implementation
  • Training costs are reduced because with group training of employees and reduced travel costs.
  • Course objectives can be customized for a group to fulfill corporate training needs.
  • Our training covers a wide range of topics including:

    Microsoft Office training: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, FrontPage, Project, Access, and Visio
    Adobe training: Photoshop CS2, Pagemaker, and Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Cold Fusion, and more
    Other software training: wide variety of LAN and Web based business software development tools and end-user applications
    Technical training: Cisco, Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Linux, Network Security, and more

We are a dedicated team of professionals with over twenty years of experience in the Information Technology industry. Our expertise includes designing and delivering tailored business solutions. With "hands-on" expertise in many areas of Information Technology today, we can help to ensure that the time dedicated to training results in increased productivity with the software you depend upon to run your business.

One of the best and most cost effective ways to improve your bottom line is to ensure that your team has every tool they need to succeed. What good is a new suite of software that no one knows how to use or is not proficient with? Protect your investment in both technology and personnel by providing top notch onsite training.

See how SoftRoots' Technical Training can benefit your business. Contact a SoftRoots Sales Representative for additional information.