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Operational Support

Operational SupportSoftRoots has been providing IT services and technical support to clients in the Phoenix, Arizona area for nearly a decade. During this time, we have enjoyed long-term relationships with federal and private-sector clients, including a number of departments within the Department of Energy (DOE), where members of our staff have been providing technical support since 1995. We have gained extensive knowledge of and expertise in leading-edge technologies, and have provided various levels of operational support for critical business applications, real-time (SCADA) environments, and demands.

Our objective in working with clients is to tailor strategies that will provide true cost savings, greater customer loyalty, and other valuable benefits. Our key strengths are our disciplined engineering approach and proven project management experience for executing technical projects on spec, on time, and on budget.

SoftRoots Operational Support emphasizes:

  • Proficiency and Reliability of Engineering Staff
  • Compliance with Federal Regulatory Requirements
  • Compliance with Government, Industry and Web based Standards
  • Technical Representation with Industry based Working Groups
  • Refine Processes as Technical Requirements Evolve to Improve Operational Efficiencies
  • Provide Priority Web Site and Web Applications Design, Development, Deployment, and Operational Support
  • Technology and Back-end Infrastructure Support
  • Support for Integration of Existing Legacy Systems
  • General IT Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance Support

We also support a wide range information management systems and technologies, and offer particular subject-area expertise in the Power Industry, federal contract management, administrative, and financial applications.

Discover some of the other benefits that can result in working with a company that has a proven track record for service:

  • Improve the Certainty of IT Deliverables
  • Reduce the Cost of Developing Applications
  • Reduce the Cost of Maintaining Legacy Systems and Applications
  • Improve the Perceptions of Your IT Capabilities
  • Use a Single-Source, Full Service Organization for Life Cycle Support Services
  • Minimize the Political Implications of Using Certain Outside Resources

With the ever-increasing pressure on expertise and performance, as-well-as the need to consistently deliver high quality services, SoftRoots operational support can give you the edge. For additional areas of expertise to address your business' operational or production environments see SoftRoots Staff Augmentation Services.