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Maintenance Support Plans

SoftRoots offers a wide variety of maintenance plans that can be customized to support the needs of your businesses. SoftRoots supports various options that provide direct access to our expert technical resources, helping you minimize your risks and maximize the benefits of your Information Technology (IT) investment. Our technical computer support services are available for Microsoft, Linux, and Unix environments. This means we have the expertise to support your cross platform network environment.

Maintenance Support Feature Matrix

View and compare the comprehensive list of services available with the various maintenance support plans offered through SoftRoots, and then checkout the details of the plan that is right for your business.

Maintenance Support Service
Unlimited Web-Based & Email Requests
Troubleshooting & Problem Resolution
IT Consulting Services
Network and Device Support
Server and Workstation Support
Desktop and End-User Support
HW/SW Configuration and Upgrades
Platform Migration (all platforms)
OS Security Patches and Updates
Setup Secure Access (SSL)
Stopping Pop-Ups
Virus Removal and Protection
Removal of Adware/Spyware
Spam Control
Data Backup and Restoration Services
Oracle Database Services
Individual/Group Training Sessions
Call-Out Response Services
System and Network Administration
Database Administration
System & Network Remote Monitoring
Monthly Activity Status Reporting
Design/Development Reduced Rates**
Designated Liaison on Customer Issues
Telephone Support Requests
9-5 Telephone Support
24/7 Telephone Support
Administrative Tools
Hours of Operation
Initial Response Time
16 Bus.
Additional services & custom configurations available upon request.

* Severity response time definitions are defined below:

  • Severity1 (4 hours) - Network down or system crash
  • Severity2 (6 hours) - Inability to access information
  • Severity3 (8 hours) - Configuration issues preventing operational use
  • Severity4 (16 hours) - All other call-out response services

** Reduced rates apply to those activities or projects associated with the client's business that involve design & development for software applications, the Web, and/or databases. The specific Maintenance Support Service Plan must be active when the activity/project is initiated, and the plan must remain in force throughout the duration of the activity/project for the discounted rates to apply.

Local IT Outsourcing Support for Your Business Makes Sense

With the competitive business landscape that exist in today's high-tech world, along with the fast-pace of technology, and the uncertainty of what the future may bring, serious consideration should be given to the advantages of local IT outsourcing support for your business. Consider just the few reasons listed below:

  • Eliminate the frustration of locating and hiring the right IT personnel that can effectively meet the needs of your business.
  • Eliminate the need for technical training of potential candidates that could support your business' IT infrastructure (and the real possibility of losing them when a better opportunity comes along - thus taking the training and your IT knowledge with them, and potentially posing a security risk for your business).
  • Utilize the technical resources already available through SoftRoots that your business requires. These are experienced IT professionals with various skills, disciplines and expertise that are qualified to address your IT needs and concerns.
  • Access to our entire group of IT professionals and technical resources are available for the purpose of acquiring answers and resolving problems quickly.
  • Eliminate the need for training individuals with current supported hardware, supported technologies, industry standards, or programming languages. SoftRoots technicians and engineers routinely receive the technical training required, and are certified in the areas of their expertise.
  • SoftRoots maintains vital information relating to your IT systems and their configurations, so that no matter what happens with our staff, we always have the information needed to solve your IT problems quickly and efficiently.

In other words, local IT outsourcing support for your business today - saves you money, is practical and makes sense.

How Our Maintenance Support Plans Works...

SoftRoots provides a no-charge initial on-site systems evaluation. Based on the evaluation, we provide a report suggesting the most appropriate outsourcing arrangement(s) for IT maintenance to support the needs of your organization with the associated support plan. Options can include various consulting services, design and development support, desktop support, HW/SW configuration and upgrades, systems/network/database administration, after-hours service, a daily on-site technician to manage your IT infrastructure, etc.

Your organization selects the IT outsourcing maintenance plan with options that will best meet its needs and available budget. Your company then benefits by having a professional and dependable IT staff at its finger-tips, with the technical expertise that can effectively address your IT business needs and concerns. Additionally, your business now knows what the predictable IT operating expenses will be. All this provides your organization with a level of consistency and reliability for its IT infrastructure that cannot be matched by obtaining services individually from vendors, or from employing and maintaing your own IT staff.

Technical Support that Keeps Your IT Systems Operational and Performant

Our greatest asset is the Customer, and we value that relationship highly. As such, we focus significant attention on the customer's business IT needs, expectations, and satisfaction, resulting from any maintenance support services that have been provided through SoftRoots.

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