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Power Industry Solutions

Today, software applications can effectively provide solutions to real problems that significantly impact a business. Many businesses in fact, have successfully harnessed the power behind their applications, enabling them to successfully compete in the increasingly competitive market. The ability to unlock the power of data is one of the keys to success in today’s world of information.

Many of the successful Information Technology (IT) solutions that have been developed for the Power Industry have enabled government agencies as well as commercial businesses to effectively take advantage of newer technolgies and industry standards within the interconnected world in which we live. See some of these applications below, along with other related information on these solutions.

Some Prior Solutions Developed for the Power Industry Include...

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Currently, the Power Industry is focused on various Industry-wide initiatives to support a national Smart Grid that will improve the nation's aging power system, and will result in a more reliable and secure infrastructure to support both today and tomorrows energy demands.

Solutions developed for the Power Industry have included a myriad of applications utilizing industry–wide standards and technologies such as, Oracle, SQL-Server, PL/SQL, TSQL, .NET, Java, C/C++/C#, VB, XML, and various Web-based programming such as CFM, Flash MX, XML, XHTML, etc. These solutions have been successfully integrated into the currently supported IT infrastructure for the US Department of Energy with support for existing legacy data, and the ever-increasing demand for the open-exchange of information across multiple applications and/or environments.

Additionally, our software engineers and technical teams have been directly involved with the design, development, and implementation of the various repositories needed to support transmission networks, metering, billing operations, and a host of other applications used by Transmission Providers today.

The SoftRoots technical team has the knowledge and expertise to tackle the most challenging projects. Large or small, our teams can work on or off-site to construct software systems that meet your requirements and specifications. Furthermore, our teams work in harmony with your infrastructure to successfully transition development knowledge to your support staff if needed.

SoftRoots also provides a wide range of additional IT services, including custom data conversions, custom software development, Intranet/Internet development, as well as database design and development services. Additionally, we can provide your business with effective maintenance support that can help to ensure the continued success for your IT objectives.

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