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Local Outsourcing

Benefits of Local OutsourcingAt SoftRoots, local outsourcing, or the delegation of a business process to a local outside source, provides businesses with a practical and economical means for supporting their Information Technology (IT) business needs today. Outsourcing can be an important piece of the puzzle to stay competitive. By obtaining reliable outside services to meet the expanding IT needs of an enterprise, business support groups can focus on more important aspects of the business processes and operational environments, while devoting more of their specialized skills and expertise to enhance business production to effectively support the changing business needs.

During hard economic times, companies often struggle to keep all facets of business operations running efficiently. Just keeping abreast of all the technological changes that occur can prove to be a challenge in itself, and often leads to the specialization of functions, which is one of the main reasons a company chooses to outsource. However, with the controversy of offshore outsourcing there are real issues that should be considered. With faster, more efficient automated processes, well organized businesses have emerged to support outsourcing. Although outsourcing may not fit the needs of every business function, the potential for use of, and success with outsourcing are vastly becoming greater.

There may be several reasons a business may consider outsourcing. The following depicts a few of the more-common reasons why businesses have utilized 'outsource' strategies to support their business operations:

  • Reduction and control of operating costs
  • Reassess business focus
  • Unavailable internal resources
  • Out of control functionality or manageability
  • Redirect internal resources for efficiency
  • Expand capabilities to support many services
  • Shared risks for least amount of impact

Potential for reducing operating costs can be found in several different business processes including, research and development, marketing, Information Technology, and even HR administration. If the required resources and technology cannot be found within the company, then a viable alternative without 'reinventing the wheel' would be to outsource. Outsourcing has sometimes realized its greatest benefits when initiated from the very inception of a company. Since outsource providers can offer a lower cost structure for the specialization of services, competitive advantages are usually evident. Also, businesses can redirect their in-house resources to expound on their core potential better focus on customer needs and satisfaction.

Often times, businesses run into situations that may be difficult to overcome and manage without outside help or direction. At that point it is important to understand the basic requirements of the function or process in order to come up with viable alternatives. Outsourcing to a provider that has already been through similar challenges can prove beneficial in avoiding common pitfalls.

Allocation of funds within an organization sometimes is met with great competition, and the decision of where to best make these investments can be very crucial. Outsourcing can reduce the need to invest capital funds on non-business functions, thus improving certain financial measurements by eliminating the need to show return on investment (ROI) from capital expenditures that support non-core areas. Outsourcing can also reduce the overall risks of investments. As outsource providers keep up with the changing technologies, the associated risks are distributed among the outsourcing Providers and not born by a single company attempting to do it all.

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