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Enterprise Solutions

SoftRoots Enterprise Solutions are based on an Open Architecture Computing Environment (OACE), which utilizes a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) strategy. Enterprise Solutions include an integrated Event Driven Architecture (EDA) framework to effectively support a suite of business applications designed to accommodate the needs integrated business operations today. These solutions are tailored with your business in mind, including specific functionality to improve flexibility of business rules and processes for a variety of industries. This enterprise capability enables people to work more efficiency together, whether in a single facility or in a globally distributed organization, to control all aspects of their businesses with more ease than with other available software solutions.

An Enterprise Solution will support a middleware stack that is designed for the needs of the business, and will incorporate a host of features (e.g.; service bus, security, messaging, application server, data services, governance, etc.) that support the business applications and the overall architecture to scale accordingly as needed. This also includes cloud middleware when the business strategy is to host specific applications in a cloud (whether public, private, or hybrid), and use a SOA framework to support them. As a result of the many benefits that Cloud Computing can provide to a business, there has been a significant increase in these services and technologies throughout various industries.

Enterprise Portals are another aspect of SoftRoots Enterprise Solutions providing enhanced value for large organizations and government agencies. Enterprise Portals support fully-integrated business solutions to better manage and enable global operations and diverse workforces. Leading organizations today are pushing existing portals beyond their original design capabilities. Enterprise Portals on the other hand, provide a flexible architecture to define business rules and processes to effectively transform how business operations get done, while providing a extendable framework to support growth and change in business operations.

Enterprise SolutionsThe evolution of a successful business Information Technology (IT) infrastructure is one that can result in significant costs, in considering the variety of customized products, technology gaps, as well as integration and security components to effectively support today’s increasingly complex business operations. The Enterprise Solutions available from SoftRoots provide a practical and cost-effective solution to address today’s changing business needs. The OACE framework includes capabilities to support service and message bus operations, while providing security to enable your business applications to share data and communicate with each other. An Enterprise Solution can be an important piece of the puzzle to stay competitive.

SoftRoots Enterprise Solutions provide many valuable features, including:

  • Ease of Use – Enterprise Applications are easy to use, quick to implement, and intuitive for users to learn. Flexible solutions that can provide both LAN-based and Web-based applications to address a company's business needs.
  • Open Architecture - Enterprise Solutions support an Industry compliant SOA approach for service/message bus operations and technology.
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance – Enterprise Applications meet business and legal compliance requirements by country and industry.
  • Global Scope – SoftRoots provides a combination of software, services, and solutions that can be implemented globally for an Organization.
  • Rapid Implementation - SoftRoots provides the required integration methodology for fast, effective implementation and upgrades.
  • Product Evolution – SoftRoots continues to advance Enterprise Applications to meet the demanding needs of global businesses and manufacturing companies.

Enterprise Solutions support seamless integration with Microsoft® Office applications and deliver the ease-of-use features that users expect for top productivity today. Additionally, support for a customer’s existing legacy applications is available, while providing a solid foundation and direction for future IT investments.

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