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System Administration

SoftRoots excels in providing timely, responsive system and network administration assistance to clients across all industries. Our services start with a comprehensive analysis of your existing systems and network infrastructure. We assist customers in automating many routine system and network monitoring and alert tasks. We ensure that your systems stay up without causing any outages during your business hours.

SoftRoots has been providing services as follows:

  • Platforms (Intel, Sun, HP, IBM, Compaq, Novell)
  • Operating Systems (Sun-Solaris, HP-UX, IBM-AIX, RedHat/Suse Linux, and all MS-Windows systems and servers)
  • Networks (Routers, Layer 2/3 Switches, Load Balancers, Content Switches, Firewall, VPN, Web and Mail Servers).

System AdministrationOur System Administration Services encompasses all of the necessary services to ensure your advanced Web solutions or enterprise applications are rapidly implemented and properly maintained. Our engineers provide complete installation, configuration and on-going maintenance of your software infrastructure. This includes support for troubleshooting, diagnosis and resolution for system errors and performance issues. SoftRoots ensures that your servers are kept current by applying the security patches, service packs, and hot fixes as needed.

Security Administration

SoftRoots provides full security administration of your applications, including security patch notification, evaluation, and deployment. Our skilled administrators consistently monitor and review customer environments for security vulnerabilities and threats. Security vulnerabilities or threats are identified, assessed, and then appropriate action is taken to ensure that the client's systems and infrastructure are protected.

Our System Administrators have a solid foundation of computer security, including deployment of software patches, prevention of system break-ins, as well as other security issues with their preventative measures. In addition to addressing computer security concerns, System Administrators also help to achieve conformance and/or enforcement of existing security policies or measures that are adopted by a company, thereby helping to ensure smooth operations for your networks and systems within your business.

Onsite and Remote Administration

SoftRoots offers customers both onsite and remote administration services. For more information about our remote system and network services, see SoftRoots Remote Maintenance.

Some of the advantages of having SoftRoots System and Network services are:

  • High Quality - Our expert system and network administrators are highly qualified and are extremely proficient in handling all types of systems and networks.
  • High Availability - With our administration services, you can be assured that your systems and networks are being supported by competent professionals.

Focus on your core competency - Let us worry about the technical details of infrastructure while you concentrate efforts on improving your core business.

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