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The professional team at SoftRoots can handle the most challenging projects. SoftRoots is a recognized technology leader in providing information management solutions to support both, LAN and web-based environments. SoftRoots models, designs, develops, and integrates information systems. In-depth experience with both relational and object-oriented data management solutions enables the team at SoftRoots to architect practical solutions that effectively meet the customer’s need. In addition, the team’s experience with the design of large warehouse architectures and associated data mart environments allows for development of strategic solutions that support the customer’s evolving information framework.

SoftRoots' solutions-oriented approach is structured to provide practical and timely solutions, as well as alternatives to the customer to help determine the best strategy for their specific environment. The team’s experience with legacy data reuse and migration strategies, as well as their extended use of the XML and SGML markup languages for information reuse, helps enable SoftRoots to develop sound strategies that help support our customer’s vision. Vitally important as well, is the practical implementation of a strategy. Fundamental to an effective strategy is the separation between the interface and the implementation. A Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) provides one such solution that addresses many of the integration issues of the past, that have resulted in the need to support complex IT infrastructures.

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Data Modeling

Having acquired years of experience with data modeling and analysis for large organizations, the team at SoftRoots understands how best to organize and build an information framework to support an organization’s strategic information objectives. Data models are essential for a well-designed information framework. The use of corporate and/or industry standards and conventions are critical as well, to more fully realize the success of an information framework.

Professional ServicesSoftRoots has trained data specialists to analyze and determine existing data requirements and future data needs for an organization. With the use of CASE tools, the SoftRoots team can translate the requirements into data models that effectively structure an Organization’s data and the associated relationships. These models provide the basis for structuring the database system, and provide the road map for effectively navigating within the information framework. Development experience with both large and small systems enables the team at SoftRoots to avoid many of the obstacles associated with implementation and deployment challenges, while providing our customers with solutions that realize the many benefits of their information frameworks.

Database Design

The team at SoftRoots has been actively involved with large database designs for over fifteen years. These information systems include corporate data warehouses, operational data stores, as well as e-commerce and Open Access information systems. The team’s technical experience includes physical implementation of data models, data handling through triggers, stored procedures, transaction management, connection strategies, database security, replication, data mapping and translations, and more.

Having acquired in-depth experience working with Oracle, SQL Server, and other information systems, as well as keeping abreast of enhancements and features of current system release information, enables SoftRoots to design and build databases that utilize state-of-the-art technology for their clients. System extensibility and maintainability are also important factors that help determine the success of a system, and generally are considered early on in the design process.

Data is a major asset for an organization. Having an effective means to manage, relate, and utilize the data is essential for realizing that asset. A well-designed database system can turn business data into valuable information, that can enable organizations to more effectively react to changing business needs, and more fully benefit from the use of their data.

Development Environment

Our team has been involved with large software development projects for over 20 years. The knowledge and understanding gained from this experience has helped to evolve a stable development environment, using proven techniques and practices that benefit the customer. Over time, a customer’s needs do change, and given the requirement changes that typically occur during the development process, it becomes vital to effectively manage the development changes. Our experience with supporting changing requirements, help us to better assess the impact of the change, as well as provide possible alternatives that reach the same objective, for the customer.

A significant impact of requirement changes relates to quality. Without effective change management in place, development quality is at risk. Our software environment supports detection and correction of problems early in the development cycle to reduce the risk of producing poor quality software. In addition, providing extensive testing of the software in the latter parts of the development cycle helps to ensure that software quality is inherit in the delivered product.

Experience with ISO 9001 and the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) maturity model provide the basis for managing the software development process at SoftRoots. The client benefits from this experience by obtaining quality deliverables while minimizing the risk of extended delays and cost overruns on software development projects.

Component Design & Development

Design and development of component architectures is what SoftRoots is all about. Components can be simple add-on features for an existing product, or they can be complex application components that integrate seamlessly into an enterprise solution. One of the goals of component development is that of reuse. Reuse supports component operations in a variety of applications, architectures, and/or environments. The component interface is key to support the interoperability and exchange of component data with other components, applications, and/or enterprise architectures that support the specific component. The development team at SoftRoots is experienced with component interoperability and interface design, and capable of providing the client with flexible component architectures that enable component reuse.

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