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Networks Services

Your computer network is the heart of your entire IT infrastructure. A properly installed and maintained network is vital to your business, and helps to ensure that it runs smoothly - eliminating the many headaches that can come from a network not set up correctly.

Most companies experience problems because their IT infrastructure has been set-up piecemeal, with new hardware and/or software being added on as the need for them has made itself manifest. Since business growth is a positive thing for a company, it is critical to design and implement a network that not only addresses current needs, but is also scalable to accommodate future growth, and versatile enough to support various vendors, standards, and technologies.

Starting with the initial planning and installation of a computer network for your small-business, SoftRoots can then provide your business with a Network Maintenance Support program that helps to ensure a productive and trouble free system.

Networks ServicesSoftRoots can provide a full installation service, assisting with specifications, wiring the building(s), sourcing and installing the hardware and software, and training the end users. Additionally, we can provide network support services to clients with existing networks in place. Our Support Call Center offers a cost effective option to clients who need the benefits of an in-house support team at a fraction of the cost of hiring their own staff to meet the needs and budget of your small business.

On-site Support

Some IT problems require onsite support and troubleshooting. SoftRoots has built a strong team of professional experienced field technicians and engineers who can deliver technical services anywhere in the Phoenix and surrounding area. SoftRoots also provides onsite service throughout North America to clients who have WAN-connected offices or affiliates.

Remote Support

Remote management is a convenient way to ensure that your systems are maintained without the need for on-site attention. SoftRoots' offers remote support and troubleshooting services that can provide you with the greatest leverage for your IT budget. We use sophisticated remote access tools combined with experienced technicians and engineers to resolve most IT problems without wasting time and expense by traveling to your site.

Network Monitoring Service

SoftRoots offers 24x7 network monitoring to keep mission-critical systems running smoothly. This service is provided through the Network Maintenance Support program that is designed for your small/mid-size business.

Service Costs

SoftRoots offers both contracted services based on a selected Maintenance Support program that meets the needs of the client, and incident support that can address a specific issue or concern that a business may have.

All cost for incident support with any troubleshooting services required are by the hour. SoftRoots offers substantial discounts when this support is associated with large projects that may require regular scheduled service during the duration of the project. Rates are based on the qualifications of the personnel who provide the service, which in turn is dependent on the nature of the task.

The flexibility of SoftRoots billing policy provides major benefits to our customers, because it minimizes the likelihood of paying high rates for single incidents or simple tasks, and still makes it possible to elevate an issue to the level of expertise required when complications arise or the requirements are expanded.

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