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10/31/2001 – 10/30/2016
Federal Supply Schedule Contractor

Schedule (70) Information Technology Support Services

SoftRoots, Inc. is a small business concern headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. SoftRoots specializes in system and application level support for IT groups and organizations, as well as stand-alone programming projects in a Government environment. SoftRoots is registered with the Central Contractors Registration.

The company utilizes sound project management principals, with the necessary technical expertise to successfully meet project obstacles, aggressive timelines, as well as related technical challenges. SoftRoots has been instrumental in the design and development of multiple systems to support various Power Industry initiatives at the Department of Energy. Our specialists have acquired years of experience with all facets of software development and back-end system integration, and understands many of the complexities involved with providing successful solutions to our customers. In addition, our staff has the knowledge and experience to successfully address compliance issues, while staying abreast with state-of-the-art technologies in use today, as well as those targeted for tomorrow. SoftRoots provides flexible and competitive on-site or off-site services, in order to support your specific business needs.

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Labor Descriptions
Category Name Functional Description
OSM On-Site Manager Responsible for system analysis and application programming activities for a Government site, facility, or multiple locations. Identifies changes and trends in system technologies and interprets their meaning to senior management as it applies to the client’s requirements. Provides technical assistance to facilitate planning, design, development, installation, modification, and operation of an information system infrastructure. Prepares long- and short-range plans for application implementation, system development and maintenance activities, as well as production operations. Also responsible for application scope, system analysis, and programming activities of a group or department. Responsible for feasibility studies, time and cost estimates, and the development and deployment of new and/or revised systems, applications and/or programs. Assists in projecting software and hardware requirements for the facility. Assigns personnel to various projects and directs their activities, and develops necessary performance reports. Confers with and advises subordinates on administrative policies and procedures, technical problems, priorities and deliverables. Consults with personnel in other information departments to coordinate activities. Confers and consults with Government personnel regarding performance and scheduling issues and tasks.
SA Security Analyst Monitors the IT infrastructure and supporting environment for malicious activity, vulnerabilities and inappropriate use. This individual is responsible for analyzing security information, identifying threats and implementing measures to protect the IT infrastructure. Provides expert advice for management in regards to the secure configuration and deployment of information technology. Responsible for working with all departments within an organization for improvements in the deployment and maintenance of IT security technologies and policies to protect the IT infrastructure and supporting environment. This includes evaluating existing security features, and recommending changes to configuration standards, management practices and operating procedures to ensure that IT security is maintained.
PC Principal Consultant Provides technical knowledge and analysis of highly specialized applications, complex functional systems, and operational environments. Performs analysis and design activities and provides documentation and implementation advice to address operational problems which require extensive knowledge of the subject matter for effective resolution. Participates as needed in all phases of software development with emphasis on the planning, analysis, testing, and integration phases. Applies guidelines, practices, methods, and procedures related to functional areas of concern to support the task order requirements, business objectives, and/or management controls. Performs the necessary analysis and designs to arrive at automated and/or streamlined solutions for system and/or application operations. Designs and prepares technical reports and related documentation. Prepares and delivers presentations and briefings as required by the task order. Technical support includes technical advice on security requirements for highly specialized applications or other technical services as required by the task order.
TC Technical Consultant Possesses an in-depth knowledge of hardware, software, applications development, Internet specific issues, and includes a solid understanding of various technologies associated with information systems. Has acquired years of experience in IT infrastructures and Internet-based environments, and has the expertise to support a wide-range of technical challenges and requirements that are in demand throughout the IT industry.
SSA Senior System Architect Formulates and defines system scope and objectives for assigned projects. Prepares detailed specifications for programs and application programming interfaces. Responsible for program design, coding, testing, debugging, and documentation. Has full technical knowledge and responsibility of all phases of application analysis and programming. Understands the business and/or function for which the applications are designed. Responsibilities also include instructing, directing, and reviewing the work of other system and/or application analysts, as well as programming personnel. Responsible for quality assurance reviews, as well as directing and/or monitoring the work progress of team members.
SSE Senior Software Engineer Formulates and defines specifications for operations of system applications, modifications and/or maintenance of existing applications, as well as engineering releases and/or utilities from a manufacturer. Responsible for program design, coding, testing, debugging and documentation. Responsible for applications dealing with the overall operating system, such as sophisticated file maintenance routines, computer accounting, Web integration, as well as advanced software packages. Instructs, directs, and checks the work of other task personnel. Responsible for quality assurance review and the evaluation of existing and new software products.
DA Database Administrator Responsible for administration of database systems. Assigns personnel to various projects and directs their activities; reviews and evaluates their work, and performs performance reports. Confers with and advises subordinates on database management policies and procedures, technical concerns, priorities and methods in use. Consults with and advises functional users of the database systems. Formulates long-range requirements for database administration and designs to effectively support the Information Technology function and the task order requirements. Prepares activity reports related to the database system environment.
SI Systems Integrator Possesses an in-depth knowledge of various technologies, database designs, complex system integration, information frameworks, system platforms, system interfaces, legacy systems, system migrations, engineering applications, and large-scale Web application development. This individuals experience includes workflow analysis, and is able to identify bottlenecks in operational processes and procedures, implementation strategies, and maintenance issues. Responsible for providing the technical oversight to effectively implement solutions.
NA Network Administrator Experienced in all aspects of networks design, and is able to review, plan and evaluate network systems. This Network Analyst possesses the skills and experience to troubleshoot network systems and recommend improvements to the network. Additional responsibilities may include providing documentation, project tracking and management reporting, as well as providing tactical input on overall network planning and related projects.
SE Software Engineer Works from specifications to develop or modify operating system applications. Assists with design, coding, benchmark testing, and documentation of programs. Responsible for coding and debugging of applications, utility programs, database interactions, subroutines, as well as other system control modules. Works on most phases of software systems and applications development, including Web-based applications.
WDD Web Designer / Developer This individual fully understands the technology used in web development, as well as the various "back-end" system interfaces that may be used for a website. A Web Designer/Developer is knowledgeable in accessing databases and/or other information resources to publish content to the web. Skills include a solid foundation in current web technologies, Standards, markup languages, graphics, file formats, tool sets, different system-level interfaces that may exist, and has demonstrated expertise in both small and large website projects. Is able to design, build, and implement the most challenging web-based applications, portals, and professional themed-based sites that are both graphically designed for appeal; and can support various design features in connection with usability, accessibility, media-rich, and multimedia-based websites.
HD Helpdesk Specialist Responsible for the operation of the help desk and the activities of the Help Desk Support individuals, including the prioritization of customer service calls to insure a high level of service is maintained. Is able to identify, research, and resolve complex technical problems and can analyze and perform trend analysis of customer service data.
DSA Documentation Specialist Responsible for preparing and/or maintaining systems, programming and operations documentation, procedures and methods, including user reference manuals. Maintains current internal documentation library. Provides and/or coordinates documentation services as required. Ensures accuracy of technical documentation. Basic knowledge of edit and proofreading operations, including grammar and spelling checks. Able to work independently at all activity phases of the documentation operation. Composes IT documentation, including specifications and user manuals, and on-line help systems in the style and format required by the task.
CD Content Developer Knowledgeable in Internet specific issues, and stays current with Internet-based technologies and Web Standards. Responsibility includes new content development, management of existing content, and coordinating site content. Skilled in various markup languages, and works with various departments in obtaining required content.
CDE Clerical/Data Entry Responsible for developing, drafting, writing and editing reports, briefs, proposals, and other documents in support of the client’s requirements. Interfaces with personnel to coordinate meetings, maintain logs, records and files, provides end-user support, and performs general administrative duties. Assists in budgetary and financial management activities. Capable of working independently. Also able to effectively communicate orally and in writing with all levels of an organization as required.
CS Customer Support Responsible for handling customer technical-related issues in a timely manner, including system related problems, availability and/or access to resources, application issues that can arise during operational periods, as well as non-computer related issues that are directly affecting the Customer. Performs various follow-up activities and incidental reporting for customer-related issues.

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