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Consulting Services

Consulting ServicesSoftRoots professional consultants deliver a unique mix of product expertise, application development skills, and industry knowledge. Through our wide-variety of consulting services, we can help you select and implement the strategy that will enable you to successfully compete in the ever changing IT industry, while providing you with total solutions that effectively address your business concerns.

For years, the professional staff at SoftRoots has been actively engaged state-of-the-art advancements in information technology. Our experience in these areas has helped us in providing practical solutions to organizations that address various information challenges today.

Supporting Key Industry Technologies

The technical staff at SoftRoots strives to keep abreast of new industry developments in information technology, while formulating design and development strategies based on proven technologies that will likely be supported and extended in the future. Because time and resources are limited, it is vitally important that organizations base their strategic direction for their information architectures on sound strategies. SoftRoots can assist organizations in this way, providing guidance, direction, and support to help our customers realize their strategic goals and objectives.

SoftRoots consulting services include:

  • Application specific and custom solutions
  • Web-based integration - including e-commerce
  • Database design and development
  • Implementation and migration strategies
  • On-site demonstrations and training
  • Technical analysis and reviews
Practical Solutions

Product life-cycle costs are certainly another key concern for businesses today. In particular, with increased competition throughout the different industries, businesses need to provide cost-effective services and solutions to their customers over the long-term. Consideration of not only, the up-front costs for product acquisition, but also the on-going maintenance, licensing, and support costs, for the product is vital for remaining competitive in the industry. SoftRoots focuses on achieving excellence in defined technical, professional, and management areas, which ultimately lead to providing industry-based practical solutions that are effective for our Clients.

A centralized solution for your application environment can be advantageous for the enterprise, especially when multiple organizations are managing business operations. Enterprise solutions extend control and automation over your applications and data environments. Centralized operations (e.g., security, validation, data exchange, etc.) are leveraged across application and data domains, resulting in a managed enterprise solution.

SoftRoots Technical Expertise

Whether your business has a bare-bones IT organization or a large IT staff, SoftRoots' consultants provide you with affordable access to expertise in technical areas where you may lack in-house resources. The customer benefits from SoftRoots 20+ years of experience in development and support for IT infrastructures.

SoftRoots is a recognized technology leader in providing information management solutions to support both Web-based and LAN environments. Our system architects provide modeling and designs that enable successful development and integration of information systems. Expertise with both relational and object-oriented database solutions enables our teams to build practical and cost-effective solutions, while allowing our clients to meet their organization's growing pains.

Our extensive expertise with application/system integration coupled with advancing enterprise architectures allows SoftRoots to offer practical solutions that support your evolving information needs. Our seasoned, business-minded technology professionals understand the importance of minimizing risk and maximizing ROI from IT expenditures. By utilizing disciplines such as Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Web Services technologies (e.g., XML, WSDL, SOAP), your company's applications, websites, and information systems are afforded more flexibility. Being able to scale your IT system and application environment to meet your specific operational needs contributes the controlled growth of your business.

Staff Augmentation

If you want to expand or upgrade your existing information network without adding permanent personnel to your in-house IT staff, SoftRoots can supplement your internal organization with experienced technicians and consultants so your special projects are completed on time and within budget. With SoftRoots as your technology consultant, your IT group also gets the benefit of knowledge transfer from SoftRoots experienced professionals, plus access to a competent source for escalated support to resolve tough problems that may crop up in the future.

SoftRoots also offers full-service outsourcing that can provide you with timely access to the needed technical expertise without requiring you to support and manage a full in-house IT staff. To learn more about our local outsourcing services click here.

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