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The Importance of a Web Presence

The significance of a website truly lies within the information it provides to a potential consumer or business liaison. Here are a few important reasons for having a web presence:


  • 24/7 Worldwide Exposure
  • First Place People Go
  • Promote Products/Services
  • Professional/Credible
  • Recruiting Tool


  • Open Communication
  • Provide Information
  • Transfer Information Securely
  • Enhance Customer Service
  • Customer Feedback


  • Marketing Costs
  • Training Costs
  • Online Sales
  • Billing Costs
  • Automation/Productivity

Where does web development fit into the grand scheme of the Internet one might ask? Businesses and Individuals alike that are considering a web presence of either an informative type or web application should consider several aspects before the onset of development. How important is a web presence? When the World Wide Web (WWW) began in the early 90’s, its’ success was just a shot in the dark. Today, millions of individuals have access to the Internet which consists of billions of web pages, and in North America alone, more than 8 billion emails are sent daily. As we have all been told ‘the Internet will change our lives’, and in reality, the Internet has changed many aspects in the way we lead our lives today.

The evolution of the Internet as we know it has given us an effective source for information and communication along with flexibility. Individuals have the ability to learn about consumer products, worldwide events, financial news, and the Internet can even be a source of entertainment. Consumers typically find products and or services through the Yellow Pages or on the Internet, with the latter forging ahead to become first in line. Whether you are an individual with a product to sell or a corporation that needs exposure or the need for a web application, the Internet can be a powerful tool.

There are many other advantages, such as collaboration (central point for interaction). A web presence can not only be a powerful marketing and sales tool, it can also allow for collaboration between employees, partners, members or affiliates, as well as individual users or consumers. Online communication and automation may potentially increase sales and the rate in which your employees produce results. Online communication can consist of videoconferencing, sales, feedback, training, billing, etc. Understanding how and why a consumer uses a site is great feedback for a business. Consumer feedback also can help to improve products or services by use of online forms or surveys it may even spark a new product or idea.

Having a web presence not only serves as an identity or adds a face to a company, a carefully planned website can also bring a sense of ease to users knowing they can browse or conduct business on their own time (24hrs) without being rushed. Products and services can be showcased by photos and information allowing the user to make well-thought-out and planned decisions. A website also brings a feel of stability, meaning a business can change hours, location, or even phone numbers, and the online user still has the stability of the website location without having to change anything before interacting. When consumers can identify with a website, products and services can be built upon this trust.

Businesses today tend to rely more heavily on their website for marketing, training, educational purposes, and overall online business services. The survival of a business could be contingent upon on a global web presence versus a typical local presence that is why it is important to allow customers, employees or suppliers to have the ability to download important documents, such as invoices, proposals, etc. Having this ability to correspond in this way saves money, time, and opens up new opportunities for conducting business.

In the 21st Century, the Internet has become a main artery for global economy and an essential part of an organization’s future and success. As creatures of habit we communicate and build relationships with those we trust. Let’s face it… ‘Image is everything’, without a professional and credible image in today’s fast-paced marketplace, potential customers and alliances will look elsewhere. Having a web presence exudes your ability to stay abreast of technology and adapt to dynamic environments. A great reference for technology and standards for having a web presence is the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Having web presence could directly affect a business’s bottom line and without one you could be missing out on wonderful opportunities.