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Practices and Methodology

The SoftRoots Approach

Practices and MethodologySoftRoots utilizes sound project management principals, and the necessary technical expertise to successfully meet the challenges, and minimize the development risks to our customers. In addition, our technical engineering staff has been trained in software engineering methodologies and practices to deliver practical, high quality solutions that support your business needs and incorporate industry-based standards.

With an average of over 20 years experience in software development, SoftRoots' staff members bring a rich diversity of knowledge to the company. We continuously strive to improve upon our ability to offer customers superior service and support through; capability, experience, quality, performance, competitive pricing.

Project Management

The one aspect of most all, successful development efforts, pertains to project management activities. At SoftRoots, project management is taken seriously. Project planning, understanding the requirements, communications, analysis and review, as well as documentation, are all considered crucial for successfully managing a project. We place the necessary emphasis on these activities early in the project life cycle, to minimize concerns and/or problems later in project development and test.

Development Practices and Methodologies

Engineers, developers, and technicians at SoftRoots employ the latest software development tools, techniques, and strategies to better support our Rapid Application Development (RAD) environment. In addition, we strive to build upon software foundations that have proven to be successful, and extendible to support the customer's long-term needs. Development standards and guidelines are utilized throughout the development process to ensure coding consistency, standard naming conventions, as well as clear and concise documentation is available to support the finished product.

Quality Processes

One of our key development goals is to design with quality in mind from the beginning, thereby reducing the need of having to exhaustively test in the quality of the product at the end of the development cycle. This benefits the customer in several ways; namely, they obtain a more reliable and robust product, fewer last-minute design changes during development and test, and they minimize unexpected delays during acceptance testing, as well as help to reduce development costs resulting from rework.

Functional Verification

Because verification of functional specifications is crucial, SoftRoots insists on working closely with end-users of the system(s). Prototypes are often utilized to help clarify the functional requirements with the end-users. In addition, a prototype helps to set expectations, and is often the mechanism utilized for exchanging ideas and feedback with the customer.

Acceptance Testing and Deliverables

The customer is kept abreast of project milestones and deliverables through the project timeline. This is a living document that is updated regularly to closely reflect the actual development timeline. Once the Acceptance Testing milestone is reached for a deliverable, close coordination activities begin again with the customer. The primary objective at this stage is to resolve product discrepancies that were not caught earlier in the development stages. SoftRoots stands behind their designs and development, and will earnestly work to achieve the customer's satisfaction.

Project Documentation

No project can begin or end without clear, precise documentation. Understanding the client's requirements and functional specifications is considered vital for successful implementation of a project. Based on these requirements, SoftRoots creates a comprehensive, detailed design to ensure the most efficient implementation possible.

Customer Support

Even though Customer Support is the last item to be mentioned, SoftRoots considers it at the top of the list. Our greatest asset is the Customer, and we value that relationship highly. As such, we focus significant attention on the customer's needs, expectations, and satisfaction, resulting from services that have been provided by SoftRoots. Additionally, the company has opened up on-line support access to our customers to obtain premium support from our customer support site at Login is required and information is kept confidential, to better assist our customers with the IT challenges they are facing.

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