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About Us

Mission Statement: To provide our Clients with the highest return on their investment, through the timely delivery of our quality IT services, products, and support.

SoftRoots is a high-tech, full-service support organization that is committed to delivering quality services on time and within budget. Our small size, and the ability to quickly acquire premier local IT talent for specific jobs, enables us to effectively meet our customer’s requirements, while keeping our overhead rates manageable. Few small companies can match the breadth and depth of capability, experience and achievement that SoftRoots has already attained. Our consultants are highly experienced professionals who combine their problem solving expertise with hands–on skills to deliver innovative solutions that can support overall goals, objectives, and functionality.

SoftRoots is actively involved in design and development of enterprise architectures using state-of-the-art technologies. However, we are also engaged with many smaller projects, to provide the same high level of inherent quality and professional support, that our customers have come to expect from our deliverables.

With today’s rapidly changing technologies, having development teams quickly adapt to changing requirements is crucial for project success. SoftRoots’ corporate structure, and the company’s relatively small size have enabled an environment that supports agile team development. SoftRoots has progressively honed project management strategies, development processes, and refined their team’s overall effectiveness, enabling both, the Customer and SoftRoots to successfully meet their objectives.

Why SoftRoots?

SoftRoots Technical StaffThe technical staff at SoftRoots, an Arizona incorporated, U.S. based company, is committed to providing reliable and dependable technical services to meet the many business challenges facing industry today. SoftRoots provides the necessary support and expertise so that our customers can successfully meet these challenges. SoftRoots believes expertise and commitment are essential support elements for the fulfillment of our mission. We aim for the customer’s complete satisfaction keeping both, high quality services and competitive costing objectives in mind. As a result, our customers have come to rely upon the technical performance and professional attitude of our staff, as well as the consistent deliverables that remain within schedule and budget. The following list identifies some of the key benefits our customers have expressed over the years concerning SoftRoots;

  • Demonstrated Track Record of Applicable Experience
  • Competitive Costing and Effectiveness
  • Practical On–Site and Off–Site Services Available
  • Immediate Availability of Premier Personnel
  • Strong Program Management Expertise
  • Outstanding Corporate Integrity
  • Financial Strength and Accountability
  • Comprehensive Technical Solutions and Services
  • Delivery of Consistent, Reliable Performance
  • Cooperative Support for Small and Large Business
  • Comprehensive GSA FSS Contract Services Available
  • Contract and Subcontract Knowledge and Experience
  • Supports Flexible Teaming Arrangements
  • Small Business Status and Hub Zone Certified

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